Case Studies




Reached 1 million (UAE & KSA)

The challenge that Barni faced was that people associated the brand with Barni the purple dinosaur.

So, as an agency, we had to divert the customer’s idea of the cartoon Barni, and instead introduce them to Barni the Bear. So people may familiarize themselves with the brand, we had established and became the pioneers of launching an automated vending machine in the Gulf.

The mechanics of the vending machine were: by sending an SMS of the word ‘Barni’, the Barni character would appear on the screen of the rear projection technology, along with dispensing samples.

As a result, 1 million kids and parents had crowded the premises of the campaigns in stores, parks, beaches and entertainment venues all over UAE and KSA.

Barni was one of the biggest launches, going live in-store with displays in over 100 outlets all over UAE on the same night.



Introduction to Virtual Brand Ambassador (KSA)

Colgate had made a breakthrough by launching its ‘Optic White Toothpaste’.

Our client’s requirement for us was to create an interesting and out of the ordinary method of communication.

Hence, Streamline created a Virtual Brand Ambassador that conveyed the message of Colgate (in English and Arabic with 100% accuracy), rather than an actual person standing at the stall and talking to customers. As this was something never seen before in the Gulf, people were so interested that they actually stood near the stands and listened to the 2-minute brief.



Augmented Reality (UAE)

Coco Pops’ consumer base were not aware of its health benefits, so Kellogg’s had introduced 3 snack products in the Gulf.

Considering the primary target audience of Coco Pops were kids, we had created a long-term partnership with KidZania & SEGA Republic, having multiple sampling campaigns which reached out to our target group through experience.

As kids now take great interest in digital games and activities, we created an Augmented Reality engagement where the kids got an opportunity to race with the mascot of Coco (character) on a climbing wall. This had gained attention as kids were greatly interested in the fact that something that originally wasn’t real, was brought to life- creating a memorable experience.




Pringles’ campaign’s theme was outdoors, focusing on activities, like: picnics, dune bashing, off-roading, etc.

As a GCC country, most activities are surrounded by the bases of off-roading.

Therefore, we had started a scratch and win raffle draw for a Jeep and an ATV in all the overall GCC countries. Show-casing Jeeps in all well-known supermarkets.

The campaign was so successful in the first quarter, that the client wanted to do it again for the second quarter. As a result, Pringles’ sales greatly increased to the point that the client wanted to campaign for further 2 quarters.




Barbican’ requirement was not to just sample the product, but instead focus more on creating a lasting experience and increasing an association with the target audience- youth groups.

Therefore, we wanted to come up with an idea that the youth groups could relate to, allowing them to actually enjoy and remember the experience.

Taking this into account, we had contacted 5 Universities: “NAME UNIS HERE” and arranged individual special outdoor screenings of their favorite movies, with a large variety of free snacks, for each university.

This had created a great buzz as everything was provided to the students, without them having to worry about spending a certain amount of money for themselves. This was seen as a treat given to the students with the opportunity of experiencing something different and receiving samples of Barbican drinks during the movies- this had created a huge awareness for the product, as it was engaging and the youth groups really associated themselves with the product.




For our Mondelez campaign, we had a Scratch & Win raffle draw for a PlayStation 4, IPhone and a 500 dhs Carrefour voucher.

If a customer were to spend 30 dhs on any Mondelez product: Kraft, Tang, Dairy Milk, Oreo or Ritz, they would receive a Scratch & Win card, so they may enter in the raffle draw.

In result, the campaign was very successful, therefore, the sales went very high for Mondelez, so they asked us to campaign the products for another 2 quarters- which too ended in great success