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Who loves gifting and receiving Gifts? Obviously, everyone does! Gifting is a lovely way of making anyone feel special and valued. In the corporate world, although figures and spreadsheets are the face, it's how you make someone feel that makes the clock tick at the end of the day. So, win your way in the Corporate world by turning to Corporate Gifting with Streamline- The best Corporate gifting Partner in Dubai.


What Is Corporate Gifting
and How to Do It?


Corporate gifting is plain old gifting, albeit in a corporate sense with an ulterior corporate objective playing around! Corporate gifting is sending someone a gift from your business. With the right corporate gifting techniques, you will be sure to enhance your brand image and reinforce your brand in the eyes of the receiver which will bring immense benefits!

Keep in Touch with Your Target Audience
with Corporate Gifting


What better way to win the hearts of your target audience other than with a handful of exciting gifts! Corporate gifting will reinforce your brand in the minds of the target audience and is definitely a great way to make your customers and prospects feel valued and taken care of, and in return, they will help your business reach great heights!


Our Approach


Corporate gifting requires a lot of thought and effort and is not merely a giveaway. Streamline, being a well renowned corporate gifting company in Dubai, goes the extra mile to ensure that corporate gifting achieves the desired underlying objectives and is carried out in a mutually beneficial manner conveniently.

Take a Look at Our Flow Towards Our Approach Below

  • Study of the corporate gifting practices of the industry and competition
  • Internal study of the company’s need for corporate gifting
  • Shortlisting the suitable candidates, situations and events and types of gifts to be used as part of the corporate gifting strategy
  • Reporting and consultancy on a feasible and a mutually beneficial corporate gifting strategy
  • Recommendation and assessment of the outcomes of the implemented corporate gifting strategy

How It Works?


Corporate gifting attempts to lure the target audience towards emotional and impulse buying if done effectively. At streamline, we pride ourselves on offering the best corporate gifting services in Dubai, which will help you stay ahead of the game and let your brand be in the hearts of the people in the years to come.






Location Based Brand Strategy


The needs, preferences, and expectations of the target audience vary with the location. Which is why Streamline personalizes its corporate gifting strategy to meet the variation in the locations and demographics of the target audience. After all, the strength lies in diversity!


Benefits of Corporate Gifting


Greater Retention

Corporate gifting does magic as it makes the receiver feels more valued and taken care of and is in more cases effective than a discount or bonus. Retention of staff, customers and vendors are easy if you make them feel valued and that is exactly what corporate gifting attempts to achieve.

Reinforces Brand

Corporate Gifting is a great way to reinforce your brand image in the minds of the target audience. It makes people associate your brand with one that places importance on values and nurturing relationships. Enhanced and reinforcing of the brand image is sure to reflect in your future sales and sustainability.


The correct brand strategy and brand activation means will make sure that your attempts to collaboration and interaction with the target audience do not go amiss. Streamline goes the extra mile to study the market and the target audience to give them exactly what they desire via branding and brand activation ideas. This ensures a more directed and well-targeted collaboration with the right audience.

Build and Nurture

A gift symbolizes the start of something worth celebrating, which makes it an amazing way to build and nurture relationships at the organization. Corporate gifting will help in strengthening the bond between your employees, customers, vendors and any other recipients alike, which will bring immense commercial benefits in the long term.


Things last when they are well cared for and treated with care and respect. The same applies to your target market and employees. Corporate gifting is a great way to value people and their relationships, which will make the bond last longer and stronger than ever. As an organization, we are interdependent on others so strengthening bonds will assure greater sustainability.

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