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If you are looking for an attractive and interesting way to display your product in a way that lures in potential customers, all you need to do is to put up an exhibition stand and adopt an in-house activation marketing strategy. At Streamline, we take your product to the world with our expertise in being Number one for exhibition stand builders in Dubai.


What is In-store activation
marketing all about?


In-store activation marketing is all about placing your products in a prominent place using an attractive display stand that would pique the attention of onlookers. The objective is to improve product awareness by appealing to the target audience with the ulterior motive of boosting sales and revenue growth.

Grab the Attention of Your Target Audience with the In-store
activation marketing techniques


All of us love to see something that is unique, creative and arouses our sense of curiosity. This is exactly what a good exhibition stands attempts to achieve. With the right in-store activation marketing companies such as Streamline, it is quite simple for you to draw your target audience to your product like bees are drawn towards flowers.


Our Approach


We understand the varying requirements and preferences of our clients for an exhibition stand or an in-store activation marketing strategy. Whatever industry or niche you operate in, Streamline is the ultimate instore activation marketing company that would let you realize your full potential.

Delve Deeper into the Flow Towards Our Approach Below

  • In-depth research on the in-store activation marketing practices of the competition and industry in general
  • Internal Evaluation of the need for an in-store activation marketing campaign
  • Consultation on possible solutions for feasible in-store activation campaigns and their pros and cons
  • Driving the in-store activation marketing program
  • Recommendation and performance evaluation of the end results of the implemented in-store activation marketing program

How It Works?


In-store activation marketing is all about making sure that your brand or product is in the center stage. This will make it more prominently visible to onlookers and shoppers and believe it or not, curiosity and interest are great drivers of sales. Join hands with Streamline- the exhibition stands builders in Dubai and reap all the benefits.






Location Based In-store activation marketing strategy


Delivering what the target market desires is a key success factor when it comes to in-store activation marketing strategies or any marketing strategy in general. And that is why at Streamline, we customize our in-store activation marketing strategies to suit the needs and preferences of the target market from different locations.


Benefits of in-store activation marketing strategies


Brand Image

With your product or brand put on a grand display stand that is appealing and attention-grabbing, it will renew interest towards the product and enhance the brand image. Improved brand image is a key contributor to increased customer base and sales growth.

Higher Sales

With the right in-store activation marketing strategies, your product would be given prominence with an interesting and appealing exhibition stands or displays. This would undoubtedly encourage the target market to check out your product and will ensure greater sales potential.


A unique and attractive exhibition stand and a well-planned in-store activation strategy is going to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience. This will essentially help you differentiate your product from those of competitors and give you a definite competitive advantage.


In-store activation marketing strategies are a great way to penetrate into a new market. This works great if you are trying to introduce a new addition to your existing product line or trying to exploit new market segments. People often buy based on impulse and emotion, so a very unique and creative in-store activation marketing strategy is a great way to win them over.

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