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Retail Marketing Audits


Retail Marketing Audits is just like any regular audit, but the objective of this audit is to ensure whether the sales and marketing function is performing well as desired or if there are any loopholes or improvements required. Know the health of your business and brand in and out with the best retail marketing audit services in Dubai- Streamline!


What is Retail Marketing Audit
and How Does it Function?


Retail Marketing audit evolves around being a wellness check for your product or brand in the market. Connect With Streamline and enjoy the experience of being part of a great retail marketing audit with the best retail marketing audit service provider in Dubai.

Retail Marketing Audit and
The Target Audience


The actions and behavior of your target audience is a key success factor in determining the success of your sales and marketing strategy. With a highly insightful and effective retail marketing audit by Streamline, you will be sure to get your sales skyrocketing by playing along to what your target audience is craving for.


Our Approach


Streamline has been on the frontier for providing the best retail marketing audit services that will help you identify any flaws in your business and will help you grow in the long term. Streamline bridges the gap between the product and the market by performing highly effective retail marketing audits that will further your sales and marketing strategy.

Check Out Our Flow Towards Our Approach Below

  • Gathering of information and data relating to sales, marketing, stock, and overall efficiency of your brand in the marketplace
  • Trend Analysis of the information gathered for better understanding
  • Identification of any weak points that need to be developed further to assure greater product health
  • Reporting and consultancy on the findings of the retail marketing audit along with recommendations and suggestions for improvement
  • An action plan to remedy the deficiencies identified during the retail marketing audit and evaluation of the outcomes

How to Make It Happen?


In order to ensure that the health and wellness of your product in the marketplace is doing well, all you need is a retail marketing audit. At Streamline, we strive to enlighten your product’s position in the marketplace by performing excellent Retail Marketing Audit services that is personalized to meet all your requirements.






Location Based Retail Marketing Audit Strategy


The popularity and wellness of your product and the perceptions of the target audience will vary from one geographic location to another. This is why Streamline shapes its retail marketing audits to follow a customized location-based strategy that provides clear and concise results all the time. Connect with the best retail marketing audit services provider in Dubai- Streamline!


Benefits of Retail Marketing Audit


Health Check
on Brand

Undertaking a retail marketing audit from time to time at regular intervals is a great way to keep tabs on the health of your brand and see how its faring at the marketplace. This will help identify any weaknesses in performance proactively.

Measure of

Retail Marketing audits work as a great measure of performance. If you have carried out a marketing campaign recently, it is natural to expect an increase in sales if successful. You can measure this by performing a retail marketing audit and assessing sales performance before and after to arrive at a conclusion.

Strategic decision

Carrying out a retail marketing audit will help you to identify what products are faring well in the marketplace and which ones are a flop. This will help in strategic decision-making by assisting in deciding whether to invest or divest in a product line. Obviously, the ones that are showing poor results despite remedial effects will be up for divestment first.

Understand the

Carrying out retail marketing audits will not only help you get to know your product better but also help you to understand the marketplace and the trends and buying patterns. This will help you identify what makes the target market tick, and you can base your future marketing and sales decisions around it.

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