Goody Co.‎

Campaign Details: Activation - UAE

Streamline oversaw the whole activation for Goody Co., a leading food and beverage company, for participation in the Gulf Food 2023 event held in Dubai, UAE. The built-up idea was to rebrand Goody Co. highlighting the sub-brands (Goody, Trevia and Cofique) and showcasing the company as innovative and futuristic. We designed an innovative double-decker stand featuring live cooking, Coffee corner with Barista, robotic service, and interactive product displays to attract and engage visitors.


  • The event was a huge success; Goody was able to attract > 90,000+ visitors to its stand and we got so many new queries for similar activations.
  • The strategy of combining technology, education and entertainment helped Goody Co. stand out from its competitors and create a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

Overall, Goody was able to attract > 90,000+ visitors to its stand, who were engaged and interested in the products.


Campaign Details: Oreo DTC Activation Campaign

Oreo Campaign Tag Line: Playfulness has no Age.‎

The campaign included an interactive stand, promoter sampling, a single-shot game and VR ‎games, all designed to engage visitors and showcase the brand’s playfulness. ‎

Amplification: 3D billboard zone

The slingshot game was amplified at the 3D billboard zones, creating awareness of the ‎campaign at JBR Meraas. A QR code was incorporated in the design for an audience to scan ‎the code from the billboard to play and win prizes.‎


  • Oreo’s activation campaign was a huge success, attracting and engaging a large ‎number of visitors resulting in more sales.‎
  • The touchscreen game was particularly popular, with visitors queuing up to play and ‎win prizes. ‎
  • The campaign successfully drove the new equity of ‘Playfulness does not have an age’ ‎at the on-ground level, emphasizing that Oreo is a brand for everyone.‎


Campaign Details: brand awareness and engage ‎

Epson, a leading manufacturer of printers, projectors, and other imaging equipment, aimed to increase brand awareness and engage with customers during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They wanted to showcase their technology in a fun and interactive way that would appeal to sports fans. To achieve these objectives, we created an Epson VIP Box at Mccgettigan’s Fanzone, featuring match displays, an interactive sitting area, a 360 photo booth, and a 3D media wall.


-Leveraged social media and email marketing to promote the VIP Box, offering exclusive access to Epson’s latest imaging technology.

-Held social media contest showcasing football moves and post the photo with the hashtag (#WinwithEpson & #Epsonfanzone) to win 2 tickets to one of the matches at Epson VIP Box.


  • Creating an immersive and interactive experience was a great way to engage with customers and increase brand awareness.
  • The campaign reinforced the brand in the minds of the customers and provided them with an opportunity to see the match in an exclusive way.
  • Leveraging social media and email marketing also helped to promote the event and attract the right audience.

Betty Crocker

Campaign Details: Ramadan Campaign


‎“30 ways to share your love”‎

In Ramadan, To show gratitude to the delivery riders for their hard work, Betty Crocker distributed 300 cakes to delivery riders (UAE + KSA). In addition, one rider was selected each day.‎

Target Audience: 

Delivery riders in the UAE & KSA.‎

Campaign Strategy: 

Betty Crocker gave away 300 cakes to delivery riders as a token of ‎appreciation. In addition, one rider was selected each day to receive a customized cake and ‎a video call from their family back home.‎


The campaign was captured on video and shared on social media. Influencers were ‎also engaged to provide social coverage for the campaign and to share their favourite recipes ‎as a gesture of love for their loved ones.‎
Results: The campaign was a huge success. It was featured on many reputable online ‎platforms, including Lovin Dubai. The riders were very grateful for the cakes and viewers ‎loved the influencers’ recipes. The campaign was a win-win for everyone!‎


  • The campaign was a huge success.
  • Featured in many reputable online platforms, including Lovin Dubai ( ADD LINK HERE).
  • The riders were very grateful for the cakes and viewers loved recipes shared by influencers.
  • The campaign was a win-win for everyone!


Campaign Article

Social Media Post

Social Media Post


Campaign Details: Activation at Lulu Festival

Agthia, a leading food and beverage company, participated in the Lulu Festival. The festival ‎aimed to promote various Agthia brands. Every purchase of AED 30 worth of Agthia products ‎qualifies a customer to get a chance to win at “Scratch & Win.‎


  • The live cooking program engaged more than 200 shoppers during the 6 hours ‎session each day. ‎
  • The shoppers were thrilled about the opportunity to win the prizes and took part ‎actively.‎
  • The Activation was a huge hit and created not only brand awareness but memorable ‎moments for the shoppers.‎

Betty Crocker

Campaign Details: End of School Campaign


“Bakeations are Here”

Betty Crocker wanted to break the stereotype and instead of back-to-school campaign they wanted to highlight the End-of-school period and link it to vacation times.

Keeping this objective in mind, we helped Betty Crocker.


To achieve their objectives, We helped  Betty Crocker to launch the “Bakeations are Here” campaign. The campaign encouraged customers to purchase products worth 30 Dirhams and upload the receipts to a microsite. The microsite was designed to be user-friendly, and customers could easily upload their receipts to participate in the campaign. Customers who participated in the campaign had a chance to win amazing staycation prizes or a grand prize of a family trip to Disneyland Paris.


We also engaged 15 influencers from KSA and UAE to promote the campaign on social media while using Betty Crocker products to make Disneyland theme recipes. The social media stories and posts were also centred on the same theme and highlighted to boost engagement.


  • The “Bakeations are here” campaign was a huge success for Betty Crocker.
  • The campaign generated a significant increase in sales, and the engagement rate on social media platforms was high.
  • The microsite received a large number of entries, and the influencers’ reels garnered millions of views.

The campaign helped Betty Crocker create a loyal customer base, which is likely to drive future sales.

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